SLS and Mars!

Alright just so you guys can read them all at once and REALIZE HOW FRIGGIN’ EXCITING THIS IS (these are all tweets tweeted by SLS, on the lecture that Todd May, SLS Program Manager and Mark Kirasich, Orion Deputy Program Manager for Pass the Torch gave today:)

May: We have a lot of existing technologies that will be used on the Space Launch System.
May: SLS will carry 154,000 - 286,000 pounds of payload.
May: SLS will have the power of 160,000 Corvette engines.
May: The ultimate destination we dream about is Mars.
Kirasich: We’re building the first human spacecraft to go beyond low-Earth orbit.
Kirasich: Orion will carry a crew of four. The heat shield can withstand temps up to 6000 degrees F, nearly half as hot as the sun’s surface.
Kirasich: Orion is shrouded by the Launch Abort System to protect astronauts.
Kirasich: Orion test articles have undergone flight testing with drop tests @ Langley and parachute testing in Arizona.
Kirasich: Orion’s Exploration Test Flight 1 will take place in 2014.
Kirasich: Where are we going? Lagrange points, asteroids, moon and Mars.